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Myrtle (elongating species)

Covering the elongating species of Australia: Kunzea; tea tree; and Melaleuca. This course will dive into the Mediterranean genre of tree, with high metabolisms and strong growth we will uncover how to maximise this powerful genre. Information will also be applicable to a broad range of exotic species including olive, buxus, redwood etc.


Only 2 places remaining!

Class I Sept 20th - 22nd

Class II Feb 14th - 16th

Class III May 1st - 3rd

Enrolments close THIS SUNDAY 15/09/19


Covering the genre Casuarina or commonly known as She-oak. This course covers the entirety of Casuarina and Allo-casuarina as a genus, and the nuanced techniques to develop this unique genus.


Only 3 places remaining!

Class I Sept 27th - 29th

Class II Jan 17th - 19th

Class III April 17th - 19th

Enrolments close Sunday 22.09.19

Ficus (broadleaf species)

Here we cover Broadleaf Australian trees with a keen focus on Ficus as the driving genus. Ficus are a keystone species in Australian bonsai practice and culture. The techniques covered in this course are applicable to understanding broadleaf trees as a whole.


Class I Oct 11th - 13th

Class II Dec 13th - 15th

Class III Feb 7th - 9th

Enrolments close October 06.10.19


Program structure

Each class runs for a 3 day period.

Starting at 8:30am each day and running until approximately 4:30 pm.

Lunch is included and will be provided during the middle of the day for approximately half hour.

The beginning of each day will consist of a class-room style session covering various design concepts, skills, and horticultural knowledge theoretically.

This will be followed by practical sessions, conducting either curated exercises and/or hands on tree time throughout the rest of the day.

It is not required that you bring trees to our courses. The formative part of these courses will be focused on studies and projects supplied by us. Later in the year’s program, and even more particularly as you enter year 2, 3 and 4, we will progress into more personal projects*. In which case trees will be available for students to work on from the Tree Makers’ collection or to purchase from our nursery. Otherwise a tree of your own will be also welcome.

*Advice will be given prior to each class as to what your requirements and expectations will be.

Cost and program structure

Courses are priced at $490 per class.

An upfront, non-refundable deposit of $490 is paid to secure your position in the class . This pays for your first class. At the completion of class 1, fees for class 2 will be due. Then during class 2, fees for class 3 will be paid. No fees are due at the end of class 3.

The $490 deposit is essential to secure your place.


Accomodation + Travel

If you require accomodation please let us know and we can recommend many suitable options nearby.

There are several ways to get to Tree Makers. We recommend travel by car as the easiest option. It is possible to travel by train, as there are stations quite close to our premises. The journey by train is approximately 1.5 hrs from Sydney and 1hr from Newcastle. If travelling by plane, Newcastle airport is the closest.

Please contact us if you require advice here also.

Class size

Classes are limited to 4-5 participants only!

The limited number of people in our classes, provides participants with more hands-on time, and an intimate program. We believe this is essential to digest the practice that is bonsai and facilitate a diverse range of information and technical approach.

Due to the limited numbers, places within each course are allocated on a first in first serve basis. Please register your interest Below ↓↓↓

Equipment + Tools

It is a requirement that each student have a full set of wire and basic tools to proceed with our courses. Wire will be available for purchase from our store if needed. Please contact us if you need any assistance in sourcing any materials.


A rough guide of the major topics covered in each class across all our courses:

class I Design theory, horticulture, repotting.

class II Design theory, maintenance, seasonal work, cleaning.

class III Design theory, styling, major construction work, care.


To enrol in one of our course programs please register your interest here.

Allocation is on a first in first serve basis.

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