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Tree Makers Intensive Courses

Private Tuition (In Studio)

Delivered on site at our studio, tuition is a tailored way of study. We work closely with your learning needs theoretically and practically. Be it your own projects or work on a tree at the Tree Makers studio you will be exposed to high quality material and techniques. This mode of study is best for those wishing to engage and go through steps to become a well versed and technically proficient designer of bonsai.

Half day $200 pp

Full Day $350 pp

* cheaper rates available for bookings of consecutive days of study.


Mentorship (out of studio)

Mentorship is a close knit working style, we facilitate and help with work on your trees at your collection/facility or home, offering advice and technical assistance. A great option for those wanting to regularly be pushed and guided through the processes involved in bonsai making.

Half Day $200 pp

Full Day* $400 pp

*Full day as default when significant travel is required


Study Groups

Study group are designed to work with a group of people whom all collectively would like to improve their skills. Study groups allow for a wide variety of work to be created by the nature of the collaborative atmosphere. WE recommend this mode of study to be a consecutive arrangement where the group can grow and continue to build their skills along side Hugh’s instruction. Delivery as a single session or of multiple consecutive days.

Maximum of 4 participants.

Full Day $500 per group

Adjusted rates for multiple consecutive days booked.

Delivered in Studio or Travel made possible to any location around Australia and internationally; travel fees apply.



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Demonstration + Lecture + Presentation

Hughs ability to present and speak at all levels of function has placed Hugh as one of Australia’s top speakers and presenters. Hugh has Lectured and demonstrated all over the country. His ability to speak openly and passionately enables him to answer the compounding question of ‘why’. Hugh’s focus is to teach and lecture a deeper understanding conceptually, physiologically, aesthetically and technically this art form and how concept awareness drives the process.

AABC VTP programs

Hugh is also a registered national Visiting Tutor (VTP) for clubs and groups under the AABC organisation. Demonstrations, workshop ad lectures can be booked through this VTP program.

For more information about the AABC VTP program please visit

Please contact for fees and services at your event or to inquire and find out more.