Heavy Benders Wire Pack

Heavy Benders Wire Pack


Wiring is the one of the most pivotal tools to the design process of Bonsai. Allowing the manipulation of branches to be able to construct creative designs and innovative work. Wire is must for the bonsai practitioners tool box.

Due to its smooth and soft texture, Aluminium Wire the preferred choice for trees that have a thinner or much more delicate bark and cambial layer. For example, maples, ficus and most deciduous species aluminium wire is the tool to best maximise your wiring

The ‘Heavy Benders pack’ contains sizes 6mm 7mm & 8mm wires to accomodate heavier branch work and trunk bending. These heavy wires will enable you to bend structure of a large tree or the trunk of small to medium/large size tree. A must have in your kit to enable you to bend whatever you need with ease.

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