Tree Makers Intensives


Introducing Tree Makers intensive programs.

Courses are kicking off this spring! We hope you will join us for the first ever offering of Tree Makers intensive programs. All courses are created and delivered by bonsai artist Hugh Grant, at the Tree Makers studio on the Central Coast of NSW. Courses are intended to deliver you objective theory, practical procedures, and an environment where you will develop and practice the skills necessary to hone your bonsai repertoire.

Tree Makers intensive courses are designed to take any level of practitioner - budding to experienced - and augment their skills to facilitate sound methodologies and practices. These programs deliver diverse information about the bonsai making process, coupled with specific information on the nuances that shape all different degrees and genres of tree.

Classes are limited and are kept very small so as to maximise your time and deliverable information and skills. Delivery is in a class-room style format, focusing on concepts of design and horticulture, combined with hands on tree time in the studio.

Offered are 3 streams of study:

- Casuarina

- Myrtle

- Ficus.

Delivery & Program

For the 2019/20 programs we will be offering 3 streams of intensive study.




Courses are delivered as 3 - 4 year programs, broken into 1- year lots.

Throughout each year you will complete 3 seperate 3 day classes, totalling 9 days over the course of the year. The expectation will then be that you will complete 3 - 4 years of this program to complete the extent of the specific course undertaken.


2019/20 syllybus dates

Myrtle (Elongating species)

Only 2 places remaining!

Class I Sept 20th - 22nd

Class II Feb 14th - 16th

Class III May 1st - 3rd

Enrolments close THIS SUNDAY 15.09.19


Only 3 places remaining!

Class I Sept 27th - 29th

Class II Jan 17th - 19th

Class III April 17th - 19th

Enrolments close Sunday 22.09.19

Ficus (broadleaf genre)

Class I Oct 11th - 13th

Class II Dec 13th - 15th

Class III Feb 7th - 9th

Enrolments close Sunday 06.10.19

Please get in contact with us to reserve your place in either of our 3 streams of classes