Making trees is what we do ... 

We can facilitate a range of work, expertly and efficiently keeping intentions true to form; its all about the tree


Maintenance and Management

Bonsai are a continually changing and evolving art form. They require constant creative attention and maintenance with an open perspective. This allows the tree to perpetually develop forward. 

Servicing of your tree may include:

  • Designing

  • Pruning

  • Wiring

  • Cleaning

  • Exhibition Preparation

  • Pest and disease management

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Styling & Designing

Have us style or design you tree. working expertly and efficiently Hugh is capable of deigning trees quickly and with a high degree of aesthetic touch and consideration. Be it a new design, a redesign or just a touch up job we are capable of delivering all modes of creation. Visit our Portfolio to see examples of Hugh’s work.

*Quotes available for large projects

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Repotting is a high intensive and material rich process. We take on the whole process including materials involved in making the work. This may be maintenance or reconstructive work. We Specialise in repotting of difficult trees, severe angle changes and yamadori repots.

(includes all materials + tailor made substrate for your specific tree)

quotes available

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Hugh has a rich experience curating exhibitions from bonsai shows to fine art exhibitions. Hugh’s work has drawn on Photography, sculpture and the fine art canon to have a comprehensive sensitivity to curation and display. Be it designing a show, creating an exhibition or curating a space, Hugh is able to present trees in the appropriate manner to best suite the space and create a contemporary exhibit using trees as a medium. Contact us to find out how we make this possible.

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